Episode 24: The Biology of Desire


We discuss The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is Not a Disease by Marc Lewis. Jackie and Shelley debate addiction theory, discuss the benefits of individualized approaches to recovery, and get into professional existentialism.

About The Biology Of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not A Disease by Marc Lewis

What to expect: One neuroscientist’s compelling, easy-to-understand argument that addiction is not a disease and calling it such actually does more harm than good

“Through the vivid, true stories of five people who journeyed into and out of addiction, a renowned neuroscientist explains why the ‘disease model’ of addiction is wrong and illuminates the path to recovery.

The psychiatric establishment and rehab industry in the Western world have branded addiction a brain disease. But in The Biology Of Desire, cognitive neuroscientist and former addict Marc Lewis makes a convincing case that addiction is not a disease, and shows why the disease model has become an obstacle to healing.

Lewis reveals addiction as an unintended consequence of the brain doing what it’s supposed to do—seek pleasure and relief—in a world that’s not cooperating. As a result, most treatment based on the disease model fails. Lewis shows how treatment can be retooled to achieve lasting recovery. This is enlightening and optimistic reading for anyone who has wrestled with addiction either personally or professionally.”

— The Biology Of Desire

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