Episode 22: How to Break Up with Your Phone


We’re discussing Catherine Price’s How to Break Up with Your Phone. Jackie and Shelley talk social media addiction, share how they’ve changed their relationships with their phones, and explore whether it’s possible to not pass these habits on to our kids.

About How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price

What to expect: A guidebook for a month-long detox of that thing in your hand

“Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you touch before bed? Do you frequently pick it up “just to check,” only to look up forty-five minutes later wondering where the time has gone? Do you say you want to spend less time on your phone—but have no idea how to do so without giving it up completely? If so, this book is your solution. Award-winning journalist Catherine Price presents a practical, hands-on plan to break up—and then make up—with your phone. The goal? A long-term relationship that actually feels good.

You’ll discover how phones and apps are designed to be addictive, and learn how the time we spend on them damages our abilities to focus, think deeply, and form new memories. You’ll then make customized changes to your settings, apps, environment, and mindset that will enable you to take back control of your life. Packed with tested strategies and practical tips, How to Break Up with Your Phone is an essential, life-changing guide for everyone who owns a smartphone.”

— How to Break Up with Your Phone

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