Episode 20: I’m Just Happy to Be Here


We’re discussing Janelle Hanchett’s I’m Just Happy to Be Here: A Memoir of Renegade Mothering. Jackie and Shelley talk about how a marriage can evolve in sobriety, dig into common mom stereotypes, and discuss how to forgive yourself as a mom who struggled with addiction.

About I’m Just Happy to Be Here by Janelle Hanchett

What to expect: A devastating and devastatingly funny memoir of renegade mother by an incredible writer, who is also a mother of four and a recovered drug and alcohol addict

“In this unflinching and wickedly funny memoir, Janelle Hanchett tells the story of finding her way home. And then, actually staying there. Drawing us into the wild, heartbreaking mind of the addict, Hanchett carries us from motherhood at 21 with a man she’d known three months to cubicles and whiskey-laden domesticity, from judging meth addicts in rehab to therapists who ‘seem to pull diagnoses out of large, expensive hats.’

With warmth, wit, and searing B.S. detectors turned mostly toward herself, Hanchett invites us to laugh when we probably shouldn’t and to rejoice at the unconventional redemption she finds in desperation and in a misfit mentor who forces her to see the truth of herself.

A story of ego and forced humility, of fierce honesty and jagged love, of the kind of failure that forces us to re-create our lives, Hanchett writes with rare candor, scorching the ‘sanctity of motherhood,’ and leaving beauty in the ashes.

— I’m Just Happy to Be Here

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