Zero Proof is a biweekly podcast featuring writers Shelley Mann Hite and Jackie Mantey. On each episode, these two former journalism colleagues/ bar buddies read and discuss one book about sobriety, self-growth, or surviving—and then thriving—in spaces that profit when we numb ourselves, from ourselves.❤️

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What to expect: A survivor, advocate, and author of the 2019 book “Shape of A Woman,” Jen Elizabeth talks about recovery, healing feminine and mother wounds, writing and publishing your own story, and approaching self care as you share your journey with others

“What are the things that shape us? How do we heal from the pain that echoes deep in our hearts? I am a daughter born into madness. As a little girl I was taught shame and silence, fear and self loathing. Those lessons grew into a heaviness I could no longer carry. My unspoken truths turned into a beast that I could no longer contain. I looked for relief in the deceiving arms of addiction. My life was filled with darkness and destitution; broken dreams and destructive decisions.

Today, it is a story of redemption! The power to heal our lives is held in the pain we are too terrified to confront. I know it hurts and it bleeds and it makes us want to crawl into a hole, but once you face it, feel it, and experience what it’s like to truly heal it, you will never again want to sit and wish the pain away. And there comes a time to burn all that is left behind, down to the ground.

Every time I tell my story and own every single word of it, another unneeded piece of that place ignites. And in the middle of all the smoke and flames is a resurrection. It is not the figure of the broken girl from my childhood. And it’s not the animal of my addiction. Rising from all that has turned to ash is the shape of a woman.

— The Shape of a Woman

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